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Remarkable Identity

Getting to Know You:

-Would you rather be a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly or a tadpole that turns into a frog? Why?

-Talk about one area where Jesus has already changed you.

Going Deeper:

-Compare and contrast the transfiguration with the giving of the Law and being in God’s presence in Ex.24 & Ex.33… what similarities and differences do you find?

-Look up Revelation 1:12-18, 19:8, 3:4-5, 18 and talk about the importance of white clothing both for Jesus and his followers. What does it signify?

-Biblically speaking how might we keep our clothing white?

-Matt.5:17 talks about how Jesus fulfilled both the law and the prophets. Talk about some ways in which he did this.

-Discuss the various views of Jesus today and how you might challenge someone to change their view.(pop culture, curse word, good guy, myth)

Taking it Home:

-Memorize Romans 12:2

-Decide what you need to change and come up with an action & accountability plan to make that happen.

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Remarkable Compassion

Getting to Know you:
-If you hadn’t eaten in weeks, what’s the first meal you would eat?
-Would you rather be hangry or tungry? Why?

Going Deeper:
-Read Mark 6:1‐3 and talk about what both amazes you about Jesus and what offends you (or those you know) about Jesus.
-Mark 6:30‐33 talks about the importance of rest. What do you have in place (or could) to ensure you get enough rest and alone time with God?
-Read John 6:35‐69

  1. What did Jesus mean when he said I am the bread of life?
    2. What did many disciples desert Jesus after this miracle? See vs.26,41,60 to help you.
    3.Why did the 12 stay? See vs.69 and discuss what words of life Jesus has?

-Is our church known for being focused on self or others?
-What might we do to change that perception or keep it?

Heading Home:
-What might you do so you are ready to “see a need, meet a need?” Think of some practical ways you can do that this week, then do it!
-Start saving up with your group to meet a need…start thinking of someone you can bless with a gift card to blow their socks off in the name of Jesus for Good Friday!

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Remarkable Power

Getting To Know You:

-If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

-What’s your greatest fear?

Going Deeper:

-Mark 5:15 tells us that people were afraid of losing if Jesus stayed in their area. What are you afraid of losing to completely follow Jesus? Be honest!

-Look up 1 Corinthians 4:20 and discuss what strikes you about the power of Jesus’ kingdom the most and why.

-Mark 5:1-20 tells the story of a demon possessed man.

  • What do we learn about evil spirits from this text?
  • Who has authority over evil spirits?
  • Why do evil spirits know who Jesus is, but people are so unable or unwilling? Look up Mark 1:24, 1:34, 3:11, 5:6-7

-Discuss the difference between knowing who Jesus is and putting faith in Jesus. Use James 2:19 to help you.

-Why do we operate out of fear and not faith sometimes?

Heading Home:

-What do you do at home to help your family see the power of Jesus?

-How might you Mark 5:19 this week?

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Remarkable Influence

Getting to Know You:

Where around the world have you been, and which place was your favourite?

Which empire do you think was the greatest on Earth?

Going Deeper:

-Apart from God’s Kingdom, what typically makes a powerful kingdom, and what did they do to get there?

-What do you think the Jews were expecting when they first heard about the Kingdom of God?

-Read Mark 4:15-20, talk about times where you saw someone receive the Gospel, did one of these 4 things occur?

-Read Mark 4:9-12, Why do you think Jesus spoke in parables?

-Why do you think Mark left out the explanations to the other parables?

-Read Mark 4:35-41 How would you have responded if you were one of the disciples in the boat?


-Are you carefully considering Jesus?

-Are you only hearing the word and not understanding and doing?

-How many opportunities with people have you had to plant seeds?

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Remarkable Stand

Getting to Know You:

-What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Going Deeper:

-Look up Mark 3:23-29 – In Vs 23-27 Jesus talks about a kingdom that is divided. What causes a kingdom to fall?

-Read James 1:6-8 – What is a double minded Christian? –

-Read 2 Corinthians 12:20 – What are the characteristics of an dis-unified church? Where do we struggle on this list at FBC?

-Read Mark 3:27 – We want to be a strong church. What does a strong church look like to you?


-Read James 1:22 – Are we mearly hearers? Or are we doers? What doyou need to do this week?

-Read Romans 12:5 – How can we actively engage in being one body under Christ?

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Remarkable Conflict

Leaders listen in to this clip: 

Getting to Know You:

-Would you rather have a fight with your spouse or a fight with a pro boxer?

-What’s the worst conflict you’ve ever been in?

Going Deeper:

-Look up James 2:14-26 and Eph.2:8-10 and discuss the following:

  • How are faith and works connected.
  • Which comes first and why?
  • How might you put your faith into action?

-Look up Psalm 139 and talk about what God knows about us.

-What amazes you about God?

-There were 3 remarkable responses in Mark 2. Discuss the responses of all 3.

  • Teachers
  • Paralytic
  • Crowd

-How should we respond to this remarkable Jesus?


-Think through how you might lessen the conflict in your life.

-Put your faith into action this week by doing one of the things your group discussed above.


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Getting to Know You:

-Talk about the best news you’ve ever received.

Going Deeper:

-Describe the kingdom of God according to the following parables.

  • Matthew 13:24-30
  •  Matthew 13:31-32
  • Matthew 13:44-46
  • What is the kingdom like?

Why does Jesus describe it like this?

-Discuss the upside down kingdom statements we live by dying and we find greatness by being small. How do we live those out?

-Look up John 5:18 and Hebrews 1:1-5 and discuss the significance of the Title for Jesus– -Son of God.

-Look up Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:17-21 and discuss what the good news of the kingdom is.

-Discuss the tension between the kingdom being now and not yet. What makes it difficult to live in this tension?

-Discuss the statement “repentance and faith is not a one time decision, it’s continual.” Mark 1:15


-This week– Put into practice 3 ways you can indicate the king reigns in your life.

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Follow The Leader

Getting to Know You:

-What was your favourite game as a kid? How about now?

-Would you describe yourself as a leader or a follower? Why?

Going Deeper:

-What are some things you’ve had to leave behind to follow Jesus? How would you convince someone who has to leave something behind to follow?

-How does the Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20) compare or contrast with the call on Abrahams life? (Gen.12:1-3)

-In 2 Cor.5:20 we’re called ambassadors. What are the implications of this?

-Look up Jos.1:1-9. Discuss how God was with Joshua. How is God with us today? What does assurance allow us to do or be?

-Discuss the difference between calling ourselves followers and obeying what Jesus calls us to in Luke 6:46-49. What’s the most difficult command for you to practice?


-List some ways our church could implement the great commission better.

-Pray for an opportunity to share Jesus this week.

-List 3 people you want to know Jesus in 2017 and commit to praying for them weekly.

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Committing To Each Other

Getting to Know You:

-What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

-What’s your biggest fear?

Going Deeper:

-Discuss the costs and benefits of following Jesus present and future. Look up Luke 9:57-62 to assist you.

-Talk about what distracts Christians from their commitment to the cause of Christ. What might help to focus us instead of distract us?

-Verse 9 talks about play acting love. What are some ways we can live love out?

-Look up Phil.2:1-5 and talk about how we can prefer each other instead of ourselves.

-Verses 11-13 talk about keeping our passion hot. Think of some ways to keep your passion for Christ hot. Discuss how enjoying hope, persevering in tough times, persisting in prayer, giving and pursuing hospitality can keep passion hot.


-Think through how you might take off the masks you put on and get to know someone more this week.

-Pray for your church family at least once each week for a month. Look at firstb.ca prayer site to help.

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Living In Community

Getting to Know You:

What’s your favourite team you’ve ever been a part of?

Do you default to being more on the truth side or love side?

Going Deeper:    

What 3 things happen when every believer uses their gift?  Use verses 12‐14 to answer.

Verse 2 calls us to endure with each other.   Think of ways you can “Go Long” with each other in community.  (hint:  look at vs.2)

Look up the following verses that talk about running the race.  How are we called to run?  (1 Cor.9:24‐27, Heb.12:1‐3, 2 Tim.4:7‐ 9)

Talk about some things Christians are known to “be against”.  Using vs.3 discuss how we can be known for what we are for instead.

Talk about how we can avoid a “spiritual hangover” and instead spare no effort to aggressively, continuously pursue unity.

Verse 14 talks about behaving like a spiritual infant.  What does this mean and how we can be mature in our faith instead?   Use Heb.5:11‐14; 6:1‐3 to help you answer.


Think through how you can build someone up and then do it.

Write down 3 ways you can promote community in your church and 3 ways to avoid promoting disunity.

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