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Committing To Each Other

Getting to Know You:

-What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

-What’s your biggest fear?

Going Deeper:

-Discuss the costs and benefits of following Jesus present and future. Look up Luke 9:57-62 to assist you.

-Talk about what distracts Christians from their commitment to the cause of Christ. What might help to focus us instead of distract us?

-Verse 9 talks about play acting love. What are some ways we can live love out?

-Look up Phil.2:1-5 and talk about how we can prefer each other instead of ourselves.

-Verses 11-13 talk about keeping our passion hot. Think of some ways to keep your passion for Christ hot. Discuss how enjoying hope, persevering in tough times, persisting in prayer, giving and pursuing hospitality can keep passion hot.


-Think through how you might take off the masks you put on and get to know someone more this week.

-Pray for your church family at least once each week for a month. Look at firstb.ca prayer site to help.

Living In Community

Getting to Know You:

What’s your favourite team you’ve ever been a part of?

Do you default to being more on the truth side or love side?

Going Deeper:    

What 3 things happen when every believer uses their gift?  Use verses 12‐14 to answer.

Verse 2 calls us to endure with each other.   Think of ways you can “Go Long” with each other in community.  (hint:  look at vs.2)

Look up the following verses that talk about running the race.  How are we called to run?  (1 Cor.9:24‐27, Heb.12:1‐3, 2 Tim.4:7‐ 9)

Talk about some things Christians are known to “be against”.  Using vs.3 discuss how we can be known for what we are for instead.

Talk about how we can avoid a “spiritual hangover” and instead spare no effort to aggressively, continuously pursue unity.

Verse 14 talks about behaving like a spiritual infant.  What does this mean and how we can be mature in our faith instead?   Use Heb.5:11‐14; 6:1‐3 to help you answer.


Think through how you can build someone up and then do it.

Write down 3 ways you can promote community in your church and 3 ways to avoid promoting disunity.

The Word With Us

Getting to Know You:

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

What makes Christmas special for you?

Going Deeper:

Look up Isaiah 7:1‐17 and discuss the following:

-What did it mean for God to be with the Israelites in this passage?

-What was the sign of Immanuel?

-Look up Matt.1:23 to see the fulfillment of that sign.

-What’s the import of the virgin birth

Read Genesis 1 together and comment on each time you see the phrase “God spoke or God said.”  What happens each time?

ow was Jesus involved in creation?   Use John 1:1‐3, Heb.1:1‐3, Col.1:16 to help you. o

Talk about ways God still creates today.

Look up the following verses that talk about Jesus being life and talk about how that should impact your life.  John 14:1‐6, John 11:17‐27, John 10:7‐10.


Start everyday this week specifically thanking God for His creation in your life.

Discuss with your family different ways we can see God with us in our lives.