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Jesus, The Greatest Salvation

Getting to Know you: 

  • What gets you excited about life?
  • What time do you get up and go to bed?

Going Deeper: 

  • Think through the idea of “dealing gently” with others from Heb.5:2 and how it calls us to put up with people without getting irritated or losing your temper. How can we live this out?
    • In what area of your life do you need prayer for dealing gently with others?
    • What side of the love/grace scale do you lean towards?
  • 5:2 tells us to deal gently with those who are ignorantly going astray. How should we deal with those who are purposefully rebelling?  Look up Deut.17:10-13, 1 Sam.15:23, Prov.17:11, Rom.13:1-2.
  • Discuss the statement “our greatest moments of maturity are in the desert.”
    • How does that make you feel?
    • Is that a reality in your life?
    • Have you found desert moments draw you closer to God or push you away from him?
  • Obedience shows we really love God and are truly saved. Discuss Heb.5:9 in light of this reality.
    • Look up Luke 6:46, John 14:23, James 1:22, 2 John 1:6 to help you explain the important connection between obedience and salvation.

Taking it Home:

  • Wake up early, before anyone else does, at least one day this week to spend some alone time with God.
  • Identify where and what God is asking you to obey him in and stop making excuses, saying no and step out in faith and obey.  Tell someone what it is God is asking you to do to help hold you accountable.
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Jesus, Greater Than Anyone

Getting to Know You:
• Describe the difference between a house and a home.
• What comes to mind when you hear the word “house”?

Going Deeper:
• Heb.3:1 instructs us to fix our thoughts on Jesus which is a look, understand and learn the lesson kind of thing. List some practical ways you can fix your thoughts on Jesus this week.
• Look up Mat.7:24-27 and discuss the differences between the wise and foolish builders. How can we put Jesus’ words into practice? What word do you need to put into practice in your life?
• Heb.3:3 mentions Jesus being worthy of greater honour. In what ways could you let the weight of Jesus’ glory bear down on you more effectively?
• Heb.3:6 tells us Christ was faithful as a Son. How was Christ faithful? Look up the following verses to assist your answer. 2 Thess.3:3   Heb.10:23/2  Tim.2:13  Heb.13:8  Lk.4:43

Taking it Home:
• Think through the cruise/battleship analogy. Do you view church more as a cruise ship or a battleship? What changes do you need to make to keep the battleship sailing and to fight the good fight together with the House of God?

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Perfect Destiny

Getting to Know you:
• What was the highlight of your MarchBreak?
• What stood out most to you from Sunday’s message?

Going Deeper:
• In what ways does knowing your perfect destiny as a Christian impact the way you live your life under the restriction of sin?
• In what ways is our destiny restricted by sin, and how do those restrictions impact your life?
• What does it mean to you to be a king without a kingdom?
• Knowing that Jesus was human in every respect, does that impact the way you understand your relationship with him?
• Do you find it difficult to trust in God’s timetable? Is there a time in your life when you chose not to wait on God, what happened? Or, is there a time in your life when you waited patiently for God in midst of struggle, what happened?

Taking it Home:
• What does redemptive work mean to you and what are some areas of your life that you have been called to begin the work of redemption.
• What areas of your life do you need to examine and take back power from the Devil?

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Jesus Greater Than Angels

Getting to Know you Better:
• What does your name mean?
• What was one of your nicknames and why?

Going Deeper:
• Most of us think angels are nice fluffy cherubs that shoot hearts from a bow or sit nicely on a Christmas tree. Look up the following references and describe how the bible depicts angels. (Rev.4:8, Daniel 10:5-6, Matt.28:4, Ezekiel 1:4-24)
• Why are we commanded not to worship angels?
     o Look up Col.2:18 and Rev.22:8-9 to help you answer.
• Look up the following verses and discuss how to put Jesus first in our lives.
     o Matt.15:8, Rev.2:4, 1 Cor.10:31, Mark 12:30
• How would you answer someone claiming Jesus is only a created being and not God?
     o Use Col.1:15-16, Heb.1:1-3, John 1:1-3 to help you answer.
• Jesus is going to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords for eternity, but we will also be reigning with him. Look up the following verses and describe what that reign will look like: 2 Tim.2:11-13, Psalm 8, Luke 19:11-27

Taking it Home:
• What do I need to give up so that Jesus reigns over every aspect of my life? Write down one area you need to give over to Jesus and consistently ask God to deliver you from that for the next several weeks.
• Is there anything I’ve added to Jesus because I don’t think he’s quite enough?

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Jesus Is Greatest

Getting to Know You:
• What’s the greatest thing you’ve experienced in life?
• Who is the greatest person you’ve ever met, or would like to meet?

Going Deeper:
• Look up Genesis 1 and count how many times the phrase “then God said” appears.
      o Look up John 1:1-4 and discuss the connection between God speaking in Gen.1 and the Word in John 1.
      o Look up Isaiah 55:11 Heb.4:12 and discuss the power in the Word of God both written and spoken.
• Read Col.1:15-17, John 1:3 and Heb.1:2.
      o Whom did God make the universe through? Whom did God make the universe for?
      o How might Jesus be holding everything together?
• Hebrews has several warning passages that are addressed to one of three groups: 1) believers, 2) unbelievers intellectually convinced of the gospel and 3) unbelievers attracted to the gospel but hadn’t yet believed.  Take a look at the warning passages in Hebrews (2:1-4, 3:7-19; 5:11-14, 6:1-8, 10:26-31) and discuss why these warnings have been given and to which of the three groups each of the warnings was given to.
• What one of the 7 reasons Jesus is the greatest from Heb.1:1-3 resonated the most with you and why?

Going Home:
• If Jesus is greatest, take stock in your life what is presently occupying the title of the greatest, and make plans to remove it. Discuss these plans with your group.

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A New Commandment

Getting to Know You:
• What’s the wackiest valentines thing (gift, card, date) you’ve ever given or received?
• Other than God and your family, what would you say you love the most?

Going Deeper:
• Read John 13:1-16 and discuss the following about the connection between love & service.
o What does vs.15-17 tell us is the reason why Jesus washed feet?
o Vs.11 tells us Jesus loved those who betray him by serving them. How might we manage to do that as well?

• Read John 15:9-17 and answer the following:
o According to vs.13 how deeply are we to love each other?
o What are the indications that we love God in these verses?

• Read 1 John 2:7-11, 3:10-12, 4:7-10, 20-21
o How do we show we love God according to these verses?
o What if we don’t love other Christians?
o List some ways you can practically loveothers.

• Read John 13:36-38
o What was Peter willing to do to show his love for Jesus?
o What does vs.36 mean when Jesus says “you can’t follow now, but later you will?”

Spend time washing each other’s feet in group in an act of serving and loving each other.

Taking it Home:
• Take the list you made at group and put at least one of these things into action this week.
• Spend some time praying through church prayer needs with your family. It’s much easier to love people when you pray for them

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A New Covenant

Getting to Know You:
• What comes to mind when you hear the word covenant?

• Participate in a time of communion with your group this week with the leader serving those in your group.

Going Deeper:
• Discuss the difference between a contract and a covenant.

• How frequently do you think the Lord’s Supper or communion be observed? Look up Luke 22:19 and Acts 20:7 to help you answer.

• Read Exodus 24:1-8. What’s the difference between Mosaic covenant and the new covenant according to these verses? Notice vs.2, and 5-8 in particular.
o Why is blood so much a part of covenants in the bible?

• Look up Hebrews 9:15 and think through what it means for Christ to be the mediator of the new covenant.

• Look up Eph.1:13.
o What is one of the Holy Spirits job according to this verse?
o When does the Holy Spirit take up residence in our lives?
o What’s the connection between the Spirit of God and the New Covenant?

Taking it Home:
• Discuss at home the significnace of communion with your family. Why we do it regularly. Use Luke 22:19 to help your discussion. Consider having a time of communion with your family.

• Read 1 Cor.11:27-31 and spend time examining yourself before the Lord.

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A New Song

Getting to Know You:
– What’s your favourite style of music?
–  Do you prefer older or newer songs?

Going Deeper:
– Discuss the following statement: A Spirit filled person is a singing person.
   -> Look up Eph.5:17‐20 to help you answer this question.
   -> What do spirit filled people do according to vs.19?
   -> What does that mean for those who call themselves followers of Jesus but don’t sing for reasons other than medical?
– Look up Revelation 5:9‐14 and describe the worship that John saw in heaven.
– Look up Ps.40:3, Ps.96:1, Ps.144:9, Isa.42:10 and talk about why new songs seem to be so important in our worship of God.
– Read Psalm 98:9 and talk about what Jesus comes to judge.
   -> Judgment in this case means Jesus will obtain and maintain justice and proper order.
   -> How is this different than the way we normally view judgment?
– Look up Luke 19:20 and view it in light of Psalm 98:7‐9. What will happen if we choose not to sing?

Taking it Home:
– Memorize Psalm 59:16‐‐ But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.
– Take a moment this week to listen to the song of creation and then join them in singing!

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New Mercies

Getting to Know You:
– Talk about the hardest time you’ve faced in your life and how God’s mercies impacted you during that time.

Going Deeper:
– Look up Isaiah 30:18, Exodus 34:6‐7, Jonah 4:2
o Discuss God’s steadfast love or Hesed according to these verses. How does his Hesed cause God to act.
o How should we act knowing what God has shown to us?

– Read Lam.3:19‐21
o How does remembering what you’ve been through and remembering who God is help bring you through times of misery?
o The word remember in vs.19‐20 means to name or call out. How can naming or calling out your misery to God help?
o How does knowing God cares for and hears us in our misery give us hope?

– Read Lam.3:23
o Talk about how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in your life.
o Discuss the statement “judgment for sin as promised proves God’s faithfulness.”

– Read Deut.28 if you want more info on blessing and cursing of covenant between Israel and God.

– Read Lam.3:25‐30.
o Who is the Lord good to and why?
o Why is it good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord?

Taking it Home:
– Spend some quiet time this week reflecting on God’s goodness in your life.
– Ask God to give you an opportunity to show his Hesed to someone this week.

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A New Self

Getting to Know You:
• What was the best gift you received this Christmas?
• What was the worst gift you ever received?

Going Deeper:
• According to Col.3:1-2 we are called to set our hearts and minds on things above. To set means to seek or pursue after something. How might we seek things that are above and what are the things above that we are to set our minds and hearts on?
• Col.3:5 calls us to put to death a list of 5 things. Discuss what each of the things on this list refer to and talk about why these things are considered “earthly”?
• Look up Eph.4:23-24 and Romans 12:2 and talk about what it means to be renewed.
• What are we to put on according to Col.3:12-15? How are we to forgive one another according to vs.13? Discuss what it means to forgive like God has forgiven us.
• Vs.14 says the most important thing to put on is love. Why is this the most important? How do we let forgiveness, love and peace develop in our lives according to vs.17. What does that look like in your life?

Taking it Home:
• Take a look at the 2 lists of things to take off and put on in Col.3:5-9 and 3:12-15. Determine which of the things you need to put off and on and make a plan on how to do both this week.
• Ask someone close to you what you need to take off the most

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